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             abstract = "The aim of this study was to discriminate NDVI/MODIS temporal 
                         profiles of winter cereals cropping areas in Rio Grande do Sul 
                         State in La Niņa, El Niņo or Neutral years. The data set comprised 
                         NDVI/MODIS images, from April to December of the 2000-2012 series. 
                         The mean values of NDVI of winter cereals cropping areas, 
                         identified by crop masking and unsupervised classification, were 
                         used to elaborated temporal profiles of La Niņa, El Niņo or 
                         Neutral years, according to ENSO (El Niņo Southern Oscillation) 
                         episodes in spring (September-October-November) for NOAA. The 
                         results indicated that the mean of NDVI values varied between 0.41 
                         and 0.81, reflecting the differences in sowing period and plant 
                         growth in the regions of Caxias do Sul, Passo Fundo and Santa 
                         Rosa. The NDVI/MODIS profile of La Niņa was distinct in temporal 
                         evolution of vegetation index, in comparison to El Niņo profile. 
                         NDVI/MODIS temporal profile of La Niņa has a delay in initial 
                         increment and lower values of NDVI during the vegetative stage of 
                         winter cereals in Rio Grande do Sul State (June, July, August and 
                         September). In the series analyzed, higher grain yields were 
                         observed in La Niņa years and NDVI temporal profiles indicated the 
                         gradual accumulation of green biomass according to lower air 
                         temperatures during the cycle of winter cereals in study 
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