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             abstract = "This study was based on the spectral characterization of detached 
                         leaves from banana plants affected by some fungal diseases. A 
                         comparison of two fungal leaf diseases of banana plants was 
                         conducted regarding the spectral behavior of the healthy plant as 
                         opposed to the differences found in different severity levels of 
                         both diseases. Reflectance spectra (400-2400 nm) of leaves 
                         infected in four different severity levels with the fungal 
                         pathogens Mycosphaerella musicola and Mycosphaerella fijiensis 
                         causing what is called sigatoka disease were recorded by a 
                         spectroradiometer running on in-lab conditions and analyzed for 
                         disease-specific reflectance spectra. We calculate the spectral 
                         difference and reflectance sensitivity for each wavelength 
                         emphasizing regions of high interest in the visible and near 
                         infrared region of the spectral signatures. Spectral vegetation 
                         indices related to physiological parameters were calculated and 
                         correlated to the severity of diseases. There were significant 
                         differences in the spectral characteristics of leaf samples 
                         infected with both diseases mainly in both visible and near 
                         infrared regions. The vegetation indices PSSRa, PSSRb, NDVI and 
                         SIPI showed better differentiation between the healthy and 
                         different severity levels infected plants. However, indices 
                         combinations seem to be most promising in detecting these 
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