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             abstract = "Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent 
                         anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in 
                         history. In addition, recent climate change have had widespread 
                         impacts on human and natural system. The morphology and the 
                         physiological processes of plants can be altered by increasing the 
                         atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. The objective of 
                         this study was to evaluate the spectral indexes of individual 
                         leaves of coffee cv. Obat{\~a} IAC 1669-20 under the effect of 
                         increased atmospheric CO2 concentration. Samples of coffee leaves 
                         were collected in August and in December 2013, from plants 
                         cultivated in the FACE experiment ({"}Free Air CO2 Enrichment{"}), 
                         located at Embrapa Environment, Jaguari{\'u}na - SP. Seven 
                         spectral index were evaluated. The spectral propriety of leaves 
                         collected in August detected the effect of CO2 enriched 
                         environment by adopting the PSSRa and PSSRb (Pigment Specific 
                         Simple Ratio, chlorophyll a and b, respectively) and NDVI 
                         (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), at 1 % of significance. 
                         However, the same was not observed in leaves collected in December 
                         and the effect of CO2 enriched environment was not significant. 
                         Additional studies are been conducted in order to better 
                         understanding of the interaction process between the spectral 
                         properties of individual leaves and the enriched CO2 concentration 
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