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             abstract = "This article describes a procedure to define the path taken by a 
                         liquid pollutant, since the location of its shedding to the end 
                         point, given a drainage network. The TerraHidro system was used 
                         for determination of drainage network by following these steps: 
                         determination of the local flows between neighboring cells of 
                         regular grid of altimetry, used as a model for relief; calculation 
                         of accumulated area grid; choosing a particular drainage network, 
                         which is a subset of the accumulated area grid, according to a 
                         threshold value supplied by the user. Then, the user selects a 
                         point about drainage simulating the location of pollutant liquid 
                         spillage. With this information, the procedure that computes the 
                         path taken by this pollutant is determined by TerraHidro. As the 
                         area of contribution is important for determining the behavior of 
                         water in a geographic region, two areas of contribution were 
                         calculated, one for shedding point and other for the end point of 
                         the liquid pollutant flow. This base can be incremented with other 
                         relevant information to the study of the flow speed of the 
                         pollutant, such as use and land cover, soil type, slope, flow of 
                         the watercourses where the pollutant. The data used in this study 
                         were surface models from SRTM 90 meters of horizontal resolution, 
                         delineation of the State of S{\~a}o Paulo, and Petrobras oil 
                         pipelines paths located in S{\~a}o Paulo State.",
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