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             abstract = "We present a remote sensing sampling approach to assess land cover 
                         changes between years 1990 and 2010 for the Cerrado biome. Despite 
                         the fact that natural vegetation cover of this biome has been 
                         heavily converted into agricultural lands over the past decades, 
                         there is still a lack of detailed and historical information about 
                         vegetation cover changes at the biome scale. The sampling design 
                         and image processing techniques were developed by the Joint 
                         Research Centre (JRC) Tropical Ecosystem Environment Observation 
                         by Satellite (TREES-3) project. A set of 175 regularly distributed 
                         sample units (with10 km x 10 km size) located at every full degree 
                         confluence point of latitude and longitude were assessed. For each 
                         sample unit, (E)TM Landsat images from three target years (1990, 
                         2000 and 2010) were selected, pre-processed, segmented and 
                         classified into five land cover classes (Tree Cover - TC, Tree 
                         Cover Mosaic - TCM, Other Wooded Land - OWL, Other Land Cover - 
                         OLC and Water -W). The results showed that the Cerrado had a net 
                         loss of natural vegetation (TC + OWL) of about 12 million hectares 
                         between 1990 and 2010, or an average rate of change of -0.6% y-1. 
                         However, the rates of change decreased from the first (1990-2000) 
                         to the second (2000-2010) decade. By 2010, the percentage of 
                         natural vegetation cover remaining in the Cerrado was 47%.",
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