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             abstract = "The cloud cover fraction can be estimated based on in situ or by 
                         remote sensing data. One of such satellite products for cloud 
                         cover is the MOD35L2 from MODIS sensor. Given the availability of 
                         a in situ data set, we chose the Tucuru{\'{\i}} reservoir as the 
                         study area. The in situ data used for validation of the MOD35L2 
                         product was acquired by the Integrated Environmental Monitoring 
                         System (SIMA). The results showed that the product shows a 
                         significant statistical correlation (p = 0.05) with the average 
                         annual variation of cloud cover in the region in comparison with 
                         in situ data but the correlation is relatively low between the 
                         product fraction of clouds estimation and the estimated field data 
                         (r = 0.19). It was also found that the product overestimates cloud 
                         cover values on daily-basis analysis. The bias and RMSE values, 
                         obtained for the 2013 data validation, were 0.65 and 0.72 
                         respectively. In order to understand the temporal dynamics of 
                         cloud cover over the Tucuru{\'{\i}} reservoir, it was applied 
                         the Wavelet analysis technique on time series data on daily-basis 
                         over the period 2004-2013. The analysis was able to reproduce the 
                         characteristic annual and semiannual cycles of the region.",
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