author = "Neves, La{\'{\i}}s Fernandes de Souza and Anderson, Liana 
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             abstract = "This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between hotspots and 
                         burned area between the years of 2010 to 2012 in the State Park of 
                         Araguaia. More specifically, the aim of this study was to 
                         evaluate: i) outbreaks of active fire within burned areas; ii) 
                         outbreaks of active fires not associated with any burned area; 
                         iii) burned area without the presence of hotspots. Burned area 
                         data were obtained from MODIS product MOD45, collection 5.1, 
                         covering the period of 2010 to 2012 and active fire (hotspots) 
                         were provided by the Monitoring Portal of Fires (Portal de 
                         monitoramento de queimadas e inc{\^e}ndios CPTEC-INPE) of the 
                         National Institute for Space Research INPE, from all available 
                         satellites for the study period. The results showed the occurrence 
                         of 7,767 hotspots between 2010 and 2012, and the occurrence of 
                         fires in 295,153 ha of the park area represented by 2,159 scars 
                         ranging from 0.1 to 34,121 ha. In the year 2010 there was a high 
                         occurrence of hotposts (5,011 active fires) and burned area 
                         polygons (1,416). In the year 2011 there was no record of burn 
                         scar; however it has been identified 17 hotspots. In the year 
                         2012, there was no occurrence of fires in 49% of the park 
                         concentrated in some portions of the park. In addition, 1,836 
                         hotspots were distributed throughout the Park´s area. Although 
                         there is imprecision of location of hotspots, these showed 
                         consistency with burned areas (85% of active fires associated with 
                         a burned area, and only 15% of active fires not associated with 
                         burned area. Therefore, active fires has a great value for 
                         identification of areas affected by fires.",
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