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             abstract = "This work aims to show a methodology to extract floodplains with 
                         tools of geographical information systems from SRTM digital 
                         elevation model. It is showed that, among other geomorphometric 
                         features, topographic height highlights as an indicator of 
                         floodplains. Experiment was development in the Itaja{\'{\i}} 
                         basin, from Santa Catarina State, southeast region of Brazil. In 
                         order to evaluate the urban exposure to floods, Itaja{\'{\i}} 
                         floodplains were compared with urban grade. It was observed that 
                         at least 24 cities in the Itaja{\'{\i}} basin are exposed to 
                         floods or urban floods in some level of severity, which cannot be 
                         determined in the extent of this research, but we conclude that 
                         study is priority for disaster prevention on basin.",
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