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             abstract = "Limnological variables along with inherent optical properties 
                         provide substantial information about aquatic systems and are 
                         crucial in development of bio-optical models. In the present work 
                         we measured the inherent optical properties of a tropical 
                         Brazilian reservoir (Tr{\^e}s Marias) simultaneously to the 
                         concentration of optically active constituents such as 
                         chlorophyll-a, total suspended solids and dissolved carbon in 
                         order to characterize its bio-optical behavior. From June 17th to 
                         22th 2013 twenty-two sampling stations were profiled using a 25cm 
                         pathlength AC-S attenuation-absorption meter (WET Labs) and a 
                         Hydroscat-6 backscattering meter (HOBILABS). Data set revealed a 
                         division of reservoirs water body in two main water masses with 
                         distinct biological and optical properties. Optically active 
                         constituent concentration varied irregularly across the reservoir, 
                         reaching 1.69-13.22 µgL^(-1) for chlorophyll-a, 1.6-11.93 mgL^(-1) 
                         for total suspended sediments, 7.35-8.9 mgL^(-1) for dissolved 
                         total carbon and 0.18-0.64\〖 m\〗^(-1) for CDOM 
                         absorption in 443nm. Relationship between chlorophyll-a 
                         concentration and the other constituents were low: 0.001 for total 
                         suspended solids and 0.26 for total dissolved carbon. 
                         Chlorophyll-a concentration showed a strong correlation with total 
                         absorption in visible range with determination coefficient between 
                         0.63 and 0.95. Phytoplankton was the dominant constituent in the 
                         reservoir (followed by CDOM) and controlled the heterogeneity 
                         observed in IOPs during sampling time.",
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