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                         average pattern and time variability in the Santos Basin, located 
                         in Southeast Brazil, Southwestern-South Atlantic. Considering the 
                         deposits in the Pre-Salt, Santos Basin is becoming more important 
                         due to discoveries of huge volumes of light oil and natural gas. 
                         Sea surface temperature, chlorophyll-a concentration and euphotic 
                         depth fields were estimated using MODIS data for the period 
                         07/2002-07/2012, and integrated with mixed layer depth data and 
                         surface wind intensity contributing to the understanding of 
                         meteoceanographic processes that influence the distribution of 
                         biophysicochemical properties of coastal and oceanic waters in the 
                         study region. The use of a Gaussian function to fit the temporal 
                         variability of satellite-derived surface chlorophyll-a 
                         concentration allowed the characterization of the timing and 
                         magnitude of the annual phytoplankton bloom in the slope and 
                         continental shelf areas. In both areas, chlorophyll data showed 
                         that the maximum surface bloom occurs in austral winter (July), 
                         having initiated in the autumn (May). It is expected that the 
                         results are useful for the environmental management and monitoring 
                         required to ensure adequate and sustainable use of natural 
                         resources in this region.",
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