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             abstract = "The present work aims to analyze the backscatter variation of land 
                         cover in an area located in Pantanal, between the months of April 
                         and October (1994), by using SIR-C images, C and L bands, HH and 
                         HV polarizations. First, the preparation of the database used - 
                         which includes images TM, vegetation maps and images SIR-C - was 
                         made. After, we proceeded with the speckle filtering test to 
                         understand the smoothing effect of different filters (Lee, 
                         Enhanced Lee, Frost, Enhanced Frost and Gamma) and different 
                         configurations of size (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9 and 11x11) in land 
                         cover classes adopted. Finally, to make quantitative analysis in 
                         radar backscatter, a set of samples were collected for analyze 
                         backscatter variation in SIR-C imagery. Boxplot graphics were 
                         generated to facilitate the analysis of results. For the specific 
                         case of imagery used in the present work, we considered the 
                         Enhanced Frost (5x5) with the best visual performance, thus SIR-C 
                         images were filtered using that filter. The graphics generated 
                         allowed the understanding of backscatter variation in land cover. 
                         We conclude that the use of different wavelengths and 
                         polarizations aid in the differentiation of land cover classes.",
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