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             abstract = "Cloud cover is a major problem for optical remote sensing in the 
                         tropics. Many studies evaluated cloud coverage using Landsat 
                         images. In this study, we take a new approach, and evaluate the 
                         ascending and descending orbits of the MODIS on-board Terra 
                         platform, in order to evaluate cloud coverage and no-data in 
                         Amaz{\^o}nia. We have selected two years with climatic extremes 
                         for comparison: 2009, a year where floods where observed in the 
                         Amazon, and 2010, one of the driest years in the study area. Our 
                         results showed that in the Brazilian Amazon, most of the rainy 
                         season months had higher cloud coverage in 2009, while if 
                         considering the entire Amazonia and northeast of Brazil, little 
                         difference is observed between 2009 and 2010. The 2010 daily 
                         acquisition cloud free images cover a larger area than the 2009 
                         images. On the other hand, the nigh-time images acquired during 
                         2010 suggests larger areas of covered by clouds than in 2009. 
                         Areas close to the Equator present a higher number of no data due 
                         to the satellite orbit, and the southern parts of the study area 
                         exhibits higher number of acquisitions. The next phase of this 
                         study will quantify cloud coverage and no data information for 
                         both Terra and Aqua platforms, covering from 2000 to 2010.",
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