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             abstract = "This paper aims to use remote sensing data, namely Landsat-5, 
                         Landsat-7 and Landsat-8 images, to investigate the impact of 
                         COMPERJ on environment. The images were grouped into two distinct 
                         periods with the same number of years, from 2002 to 2007 and from 
                         2008 to 2013, in order to represent environmental conditions prior 
                         and after COMPERJ construction, respectively. Accordingly, the 
                         evolution of the following parameters was analyzed: 1) 
                         land-surface temperature (LST); 2) albedo and 3) urban index (UI). 
                         The temporal evolution of LST, albedo and UI was verified by the 
                         Studentss t statistical test conducted at the 5% level. Results 
                         confirm that albedo and UI have increased just inside the 
                         construction area of COMPERJ. It was not possible to confirm, 
                         based on the Students test that LST values increased after COMPERJ 
                         construction. In order to circumvent this result, the data were 
                         divided into winter and summer to reduce LST variance. However, 
                         the proposed approach has reduced the data available and results 
                         were even worse than those obtained considering the whole 
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