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             abstract = "The Brazilian Amazon has large biogeographic heterogeneity and had 
                         its human occupation processes resulting in a huge variety of 
                         spatial patterns that may be associated with different actors, 
                         history and types of occupation. The use of the digital image 
                         processing techniques and remote sensing products has been an 
                         important tool to a better understanding of the complex Amazonian 
                         anthropic process, allowing the identification of a several types 
                         of degradation, deforestation, land use and land cover patterns. 
                         In this scenario this study aimed to map patterns of forest 
                         degradation in the state of Acre based on the Advanced Wide Field 
                         Sensor (AWIFS) sensor images, on board of ResourceSat-I satellite, 
                         aiming to monitor deforestation activity in the Amazon rainforest. 
                         Five patterns of degradation were detected and classified. 3728.03 
                         ha was mapped as Conventional Selective Logging; 397.00 ha as 
                         Intense Degradation; 1958.76 ha as Moderate Degradation; 17594.17 
                         ha as and 3158.55 ha as Deforestation with vegetation. The Clear 
                         Cut Deforestation class reached the highest forest cover removal, 
                         representing 65.56% of the total mapped area. Furthermore, most of 
                         the deforestation polygons in Acre are smaller than 25 h, 
                         representing 99.25% of the total number of polygons mapped.",
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