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             abstract = "Thermal oceanic fronts exert influence on various components of 
                         the adjacent marine and atmospheric environment. Thus, the 
                         knowledge of its space-time variability is quite important. In the 
                         present study a remote sensing database of sea surface temperature 
                         (SST) and a computational algorithm were used to locate, map and 
                         characterize the oceanic thermal fronts in the 
                         south-east-southeast coast of Brazil. This methodology represented 
                         significant improvement compared to previous studies in two 
                         aspects. Firstly there was an expansion of the studied area, which 
                         included the continental shelf and the deep zone from the Abrolhos 
                         Bank to the southern Rio Grande do Sul. Secondly, there was an 
                         increase of employed time series, which comprised 10 years of SST 
                         data. With this study it was possible to detect and characterize 
                         the seasonal signature of thermal fronts of known phenomena, such 
                         as the intrusion of the Coastal Brazil Current, the internal 
                         thermal front and the vortices of the Brazil Current, coastal 
                         upwelling and riverine plumes. The methodology used in this study 
                         can be replicated to other areas or even adapted for using with 
                         other databases derived from satellite sensors such as 
                         chlorophyll-a and salinity.",
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