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             abstract = "Constructing large reservoirs by river impoundment leads to 
                         several changes in aquatic environment, which include changes in 
                         water constituents concentration such as Total Suspended Solids 
                         [TSS] and Chlorophyll-a [Chl-a]. Those changes, hence, affect 
                         water optical properties such as backscattering (bb) and 
                         absorption (a) coefficient. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate 
                         the relationship between inherent optical properties (bb, a and 
                         bb/a) and optically active components in a Brazilian reservoir and 
                         thus develop empirical models to assess [TSS] and [Chl-a]. In 
                         order to do so, ten sampling stations were profiled using an AC-S 
                         attenuation and absorption meter and a Hydroscat-6 backscattering 
                         meter from June 28th to 30th 2013 in Nova Avanhandava Reservoir, 
                         located in western S{\~a}o Paulo state. Simultaneously, water 
                         samples were collected for laboratory analysis to set 
                         chlorophyll-a and total suspended solids concentrations. [TSS] was 
                         strongly correlated with a, bb and bb/a in all wavelengths, with 
                         correlation coefficient ranging from 0.735 to 0.920. [Chl-a] 
                         presented a significant correlation coefficient (greater than 0.6) 
                         only with bb/a. Several different wavelengths were attempted for 
                         determining ratios between bb/a. The best model for [TSS] was 
                         achieved using [bb/a (590)] / [bb/a (442)] ratio, which provided 
                         Rē = 0.855 and RMSE = 0.158 mg L-1. The regression between [Chl-a] 
                         and [bb/a (510)] / [bb/a (470)] ratio provided the best fit for 
                         chlorophyll-a, with Rē = 0.472 and RMSE = 3.394 \μg L-1.",
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