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             abstract = "This article presents methods to evaluate the positional accuracy 
                         of registered remote sensing images of different spatial 
                         resolutions. Data points and tracks, vector rotes, collected in 
                         field works, are compared with corresponding digitized information 
                         on the registered images. Spatial coordinates collected in the 
                         field have high accuracy and are considered as the ground truth. 
                         Accuracy assessments are accomplished by vector and raster 
                         approaches. Local and global accuracy estimations are presented in 
                         error reports that enable validate registered images according 
                         pre-established parameters of accuracy. The paper presents a case 
                         study in a region of the Conservation Unit of the Tapaj{\'o}s 
                         National Forest using data points and routes considering 
                         registered images taken from sensors of the QuickBird and the 
                         RapidEye satellite.",
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