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             abstract = "It is known that estimations of soil moisture with remote sensing 
                         data (e.g. NDVI, land surface temperature) are restricted over 
                         dense forested areas due to its interference with the remote 
                         sensed signal. The use of process models like 
                         soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer or hydrological models may 
                         contribute to minimize this problem and can be used to produce 
                         more accurate soil moisture estimates. Therefore, the objective of 
                         this study was to conduct preliminary analysis of the consistency 
                         of soil moisture estimative by the distributed hydrologic model 
                         MHD-INPE through the comparison with precipitation data. The model 
                         succeeded in the representation of hydrological response of the 
                         Purus Basin for 1970-1990 period, capturing the minimum and 
                         maximum stream flow. The estimation of soil moisture using the 
                         model showed a consistent spatial distribution in relation to the 
                         precipitation. During the wet season, 60-day cumulative rainfall 
                         presented a strong correlation with soil moisture, representing 
                         the restitution of ground water stored in the soil. For the dry 
                         season it was observed weaker correlations, as expected, due to 
                         the absence of rainfall not mean low values of soil moisture. The 
                         observed soil moisture in the dry season is related to ground 
                         water already stored in the soil, which is decreased from the wet 
                         season to the dry season due to factors such as lack of rainfall, 
                         discharge from the aquifer and evapotranspiration processes.",
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