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             abstract = "Emissions from land use and land cover change are perhaps the most 
                         uncertain component of the global carbon cycle, with significant 
                         implications for the current carbon budget and for forecasting the 
                         future evolution of climate change. The quantification of biomass 
                         and the qualification of the changes after deforestation are the 
                         main sources of uncertainty in estimates of the net carbon flux 
                         between the surface and the atmosphere. Generally, the approaches 
                         used to quantify biomass are based on indirect methods or by field 
                         measurements interpolations, so such estimates will contain great 
                         uncertainty. In addition, the coverage changes that occur due to 
                         deforestation are generally ignored or estimated from models. 
                         Considering the uncertainties that exist in such approaches, the 
                         present study sought to determine the aboveground biomass dynamics 
                         through the use of Prodes, TerraClass and JPL data in the Cerrado 
                         of Mato Grosso - BR, between 1997 and 2010. The biomass loss in 
                         forest physiognomy areas of Cerrado between 1997 and 2010 was 
                         equal to 485.639.776 tons, where the Forest-to- Clean Pasture was 
                         the most extensive conversion, with about 48% of the total 
                         converted area.",
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