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                         (ECS) of Brazil was investigated with a hydrodynamic model (ROMS) 
                         and an Individual Based Model (IBM - Ichthyop), using groupers 
                         (genus Mycteroperca) as functional group. The hydrodynamic outputs 
                         from ROMS used as physical forcings by Ichthyop was compared with 
                         satellite data and showed good agreement. IBM experiments were 
                         realized releasing eggs from April to September along six years 
                         (2002 - 2007) in five groups of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) 
                         along the ECS. An intra-annual variability of recruitment and 
                         self-recruitment of grouper larvae was observed, as well as a 
                         negative correlation between these population parameters with 
                         total Kinetic Energy (KE) in the region. Higher KE is related to 
                         higher larval advection to offshore regions and a lower total 
                         recruitment and connectivity on coastal MPAs. Our results suggest 
                         a high and directional connectivity between MPAs, occurring from 
                         north to south with potential influence of Brazil Current which 
                         flows in this direction. Some MPAs act predominantly as sink 
                         areas, and others as source areas.",
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