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             abstract = "Many municipalities face difficulties in finding a suitable site 
                         for waste disposal, and mostly when this material in disposed in 
                         inappropriate places, bringing significant impacts to the 
                         environment. Thus, Modern Landfill is the best option to locate 
                         the waste without causing harm to the environment. Ilha Grande, an 
                         island located between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, visited by 
                         tourists from Brazil and other countries is an example to study. 
                         For example, waste generated on the island is maintained on island 
                         many hours waiting a boat to pick up the waste generated and after 
                         that, waste is taken to the mainland, inflating the cost of this 
                         service. The large amount of trash that accumulates on the island 
                         during high season is a great problem. In this study, we intend to 
                         evaluate potential areas for the installation of a Modern Landfill 
                         at Ilha Grande. For this study, we use Multi-criteria evaluation 
                         and GIS. To do this, different data are used: from geological and 
                         hydrological information, land use and land cover, soil types, 
                         urban areas and road information, conservation area and protected 
                         areas maps and slope generated by SRTM data are utilized. These 
                         data were classified according to parameters pre-established by 
                         municipal and federal laws. Then, different data were assigned 
                         weights depending on their importance and influence on the 
                         landfill. The analysis consisted of the intersection of advanced 
                         information obtained, generating a synthesis map of potential 
                         areas to locate Modern Landfill.",
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