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             abstract = "The loss of biodiversity is one of the most worrying environmental 
                         problems of our time. Climate change, hunting and introduction of 
                         exotic species are important causes, but habitat loss is the main 
                         factor. However, finding the causes of deforestation and the means 
                         that determine it is still a difficult challenge. In this sense, 
                         the use of models based on cellular automata (CA) is a promising 
                         solution to better understand the processes that dictate changes 
                         in forest cover. In this paper a model of finite AC to model the 
                         dynamics of loss, expansion and growth of Araucaria Forest in 
                         Lages, SC, for the next 100 years was performed. CA based models 
                         have proven useful for describing the behavior of the dynamics of 
                         forest cover over time, as well as to simulate different 
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