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             abstract = "The aim of this study is to assess the main features of the 
                         vegetation seasonality of the Amazon and Cerrado biomes in a 
                         gradient of four climatological classes, which were derived from 
                         CRU monthly precipitation dataset (1961-1990), being two classes 
                         (C5 and C4) of higher precipitation located in the Amazon biome 
                         and the other two (C3 and C2) of lower precipitation in the 
                         Cerrado biome.These all classes were cut for three longitudinal 
                         transects placed latitudinal and parallel between them in order to 
                         analyse the following vegetation seasonal parameters: start, end, 
                         length and amplitud of the vegetation growth cycle, as well as the 
                         integral of this cycle; derived from EVI time series data (2000 to 
                         2012). Our results showed that in regions with higher rainfall, 
                         the vegetation seasonality is less pronounced than in region with 
                         lower rainfall. The transect analysis showed that the vegetation 
                         growth cycle parameters of T1 and T2 were similar between them and 
                         both (T1 and T2) were different of T3. The beginning and end of 
                         the vegetation growth cycle of C5 and C4 (Amazon) classes were not 
                         associated with the beginning and end of the rainy season, while 
                         the classes C3 and C2 (Cerrado) showed relationship between 
                         vegetation and rainfall. Vegetation growth cycle of classes C5 and 
                         C4 showed higher length, less amplitud and higher integral when 
                         compared to C3 and C2 classes that showed less length, higher 
                         amplitud and less integral. This means that the Cerrado vegetation 
                         has less productivity and higher seasonality than the Amazon 
                         Vegetation. This study showed that the vegetation growth cycle 
                         parameters were able to identify the main features of vegetation 
                         in each climatological region.",
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