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             abstract = "The objective of this study was to map land cover in headwater 
                         areas and riverbanks of the city, aiming to contribute to the 
                         formation of a database geographic environmental data for the 
                         city. The study area was the municipality of S{\~a}o Luiz do 
                         Paraitinga that experienced a situation of public emergency at the 
                         end of 2009. We used images of the satellite RapidEye and image 
                         classification object-oriented.The products generated were:map 
                         land cover of the municipality, map of the areas of environmental 
                         protection and at last, a map land cover in the range of 
                         protection areas. The study shows that approximately 29% headwater 
                         have a type of ground cover type {"}Other{"} characterized by bare 
                         soil, paths or rocky outcrop. The presence of eucalyptus trees in 
                         headwater areas is 20% of the total area. Another factor 
                         associated with the presence of eucalyptus on the banks of rivers 
                         and streams is the lack of proven knowledge about the hydrological 
                         contribution of the species to the water table. The land cover 
                         within the ranges permanent protection of S{\~a}o Luis do 
                         Paraitinga demonstrates a framework of warning to the municipal 
                         government and local society, at the time the state of S{\~a}o 
                         Paulo crosses the worst drought since 1930.",
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