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             abstract = "The objective this study was evaluate the relationship between the 
                         extraction of the charcoal, firewood and wood logs in relation to 
                         the remaining forest in the Mato Grosso state from 2000 to 2011. 
                         The data were obtained from the Sistema de Recupera{\c{c}}{\~a}o 
                         Autom{\'a}tica (SIDRA-IBGE). Areas of remaining forest of the MT 
                         were calculated from the deforestation data, derived by the PRODES 
                         project- INPE. The proportions remaining forests were calculated 
                         based on the 2012 PRODES data, and subsequently calculated for the 
                         previous years using the yearly deforestation data, and by 
                         excluding cloud cover information for the year 2012. Regression 
                         analyses were performed to evaluate the relationship between each 
                         extraction activity and remaining forests over time for the entire 
                         State. Then, the same analyses were applied to 48 municipalities 
                         to observe spatial patterns and changes through time within the 
                         state. The production of charcoal and firewood increased in areas 
                         where remaining forests areas decreased. Firewood showed higher 
                         significant relationships with the reduction of remaining forests 
                         in the state and municipalities.The spatial analysis based on the 
                         municipalites exhibited a change from south to north regions in 
                         relation to the production of charcoal and wood logs. . This 
                         change can be attributed to the availability of forest remaining 
                         for vegetal extraction. Firewood did not exhibit the change in 
                         spatial pattern of the regions of production.",
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