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             abstract = "In this work we describe the modes of variability of chlorophyll-a 
                         and sea surface temperature in the Campos Basin (RJ) between Cabo 
                         Frio (23S) and Cabo S{\~a}o Tom{\'e} (22S) region. We used two 
                         sets of remote sensing data from MODIS\\\\AQUA satellite: 
                         chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature imaged at night (NSST). 
                         The treatment of the data removed bias of products, applying 
                         filters adapted from a pioneering study in the South Atlantic 
                         Ocean. The Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis was 
                         applied to extract the modes of spatial and temporal variability 
                         of each parameter. In order to complement the study we generate a 
                         Power Spectral Analysis using a Fast Fourier Transform to take the 
                         distribution of variance with respect to frequency contained in 
                         the signal. The modes of variability of the first EOFs were 
                         satisfactory for chlorophyll-a concentration and temperature 
                         showing, as expected, the annual cycle with these two parameters 
                         in phase. In order to better analyze possible mesoscale features, 
                         the anomaly was extracted from the original data. The highest 
                         variability associated to the coastal region was found in the 
                         chlorophyll products and the latitudinal variation of temperature 
                         was detected, as some features associated to the Brazilian current 
                         observation. Results reaffirm patterns of spatial and temporal 
                         distribution reported in the literature for the parameters 
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