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             abstract = "The improvement in the spectral and radiometric resolution of 
                         recently available Landsat data provides an attractive opportunity 
                         to estimate biophysical variables, such as bathymetry, in some 
                         Amazonian clear water rivers. The aim of this study was to 
                         evaluate data acquired by the OLI sensor aboard the Landsat-8 
                         satellite in order to estimate bathymetric values in an Amazonian 
                         clear water river based on empirical modelling. An analysis 
                         undertaken along the Branco River by attribute selection was made 
                         in the Weka software based on surface reflectance data from bands 
                         and band ratio. The ratios between bands 2 (blue) and 4 (red) and 
                         between bands 3 (green) and 4 (red) were used in the multiple 
                         regression adjusted to the exponential model. The results obtained 
                         by this model had an overall fit with Rē = 0.57, with better 
                         adjustments at water depthīs shallower than ~3 m. The fit to the 
                         exponential model suggests saturation of the incident radiation in 
                         the water column (e.g. Beer-Lambert Law). Band 4 as the 
                         denominator in the band ratio indicates a normalization of the 
                         electromagnetic radiation (EMR) signal of the suspended sediments 
                         in relation to the EMR signal captured by blue and green bands. 
                         This result shows that the application of bathymetric data 
                         estimated from the OLI sensor in clear water rivers with 
                         characteristics similar to the Branco River, is promising only at 
                         shallow depths not require great precision for greater depths.",
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