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             abstract = "This study aimed to contribute to reducing the human, social and 
                         economic impacts caused by natural disasters in Brazil, such as 
                         landslides triggered by heavy summer rains in mountainous regions. 
                         Especially in the state of Rio de Janeiro, marked by the 
                         mega-disaster occurred at January 2011.The current study developed 
                         and calibrated the SINMAP model to predict areas susceptible to 
                         shallow landslides using the platform for monitoring, analyzing 
                         and alert to environmental extremes (TerraMA2). The 
                         geoenvironmental input rainfall data was updated in real time and 
                         had been adapted to model. The model was validated using real 
                         inventory data raised scars of landslides in Nova Friburgo, Rio de 
                         Janeiro. The results of this studywere: a rotine implemented in 
                         the LUA language and calibrated in the TerraMA2 environment for 
                         prediction of susceptible areas of landslide using the 
                         mathematical model SINMAP; the landslide susceptibility maps 
                         generated for each new entry data in the system during the period 
                         of the the study; and the risk maps generated from each landslide 
                         susceptibility map. The validation of the results showed a better 
                         performance of the maps generated in TerraMA2 platform compared to 
                         the original package and pointed out the possibility of improve 
                         the results from input data of better quality. Further this study 
                         showed the capability of the system to become operational in 
                         forecasting and monitoring landslides in the study area and also 
                         in other mountainous regions of Brazil.",
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