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             abstract = "The present study investigated the use of vegetation narrow band 
                         indices calculated from hyperspectral remote sensing as potential 
                         indicators of changes in the vegetation seeded in soils 
                         contaminated with diesel and gasoline. As an output from the 
                         study, the vegetation pattern may serve as an indirect approach to 
                         identify leakages in oil pipelines. The experiment was built on an 
                         area of 2000 sq meters with distributed hoses on the parcels where 
                         a controlled amount of diesel and gasoline was applied in the 
                         soil. The crops (Brachiaria brizantha and Zea mays) were seeded 
                         after the contamination and since the early growth of the plants 
                         on a weekly basis the spectral measurements of leaves were taken 
                         for about six months long. Twenty (20) reflectance indices 
                         selected from previous studies were used to detect effects of 
                         contaminant in the plants. The index that most differentiated 
                         health plants from plants contaminated with diesel and gasoline 
                         was the ratio between the first derivative in 725 nm and 702 nm (R 
                         ''725/R'' 702). Two (2) other indices also presented satisfactory 
                         results: the ratio between the bands 755-716 nm and the difference 
                         normalized ratio of the same bands. Differences were not observed 
                         between leaf spectra of healthy maize and leaf spectra of maize 
                         contaminated with diesel.",
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