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             abstract = "In Maranh{\~a}o, the coastal zone has a length of 640 km and is 
                         the second largest in Brazil having a great potential toward 
                         tourism, fishing, port activity and rich ecosystem, however these 
                         same features became an attractive place for the occupation. Over 
                         time, the occupation generates changes in the landscape with the 
                         construction of ports, land speculation, use of resources in a 
                         disorderly manner as in S{\~a}o Luis, capital of Maranhao. This 
                         work aims to analyze preliminarily classification techniques based 
                         on object to aid in further study of the changes occurring in the 
                         coastal area of St. Louis over the last years pictures. Fusion and 
                         correction of images beyond the ratings, both for WorldView-2 
                         images in which processing such as occurred were used. Reviewing 
                         previous work realizes the importance of high-resolution images 
                         for coastal studies. Therefore we intend to analyze in more detail 
                         the dynamics of the coastal island of Maranh{\~a}o.",
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