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             abstract = "The State of Maranh{\~a}o presents high fire activities, which 
                         cause loss of biodiversity, socio-economic negative impacts and 
                         contributes with greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. 
                         Despite its relevance in terms of high fire activity in the 
                         context of the Amazon, very few studies have looked at this state 
                         into detail. This scientific initiation study aims to evaluate the 
                         temporal characteristics of hot spots over the Maranh{\~a}o 
                         state, covering the period 2002 to 2013. MODIS data derived from 
                         Terra and Aqua satellites (product MCD14ML), filtered for 80% 
                         confidence level were used. Rainfall derived from Tropical 
                         Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite was also used in order 
                         to evaluate the relationships between fire dynamics and rainfall. 
                         Interestingly, our study showed that AQUA satellite detects a 
                         higher number of hot pixels than Terra satellite, probably due to 
                         its afternoon overpass. Secondly, fire activity starts in June and 
                         ends only in January, with September the month of highest number 
                         of detections. Anomalous hot year (2007) and anomalous dry year 
                         (2010) were the years when fire activity peaked in Maranh{\~a}o. 
                         It is observed that there is an exponential relationship between 
                         fire and rainfall, when the latter in lower than 100 mm. The next 
                         phase of this study is to evaluate the spatial patterns of fire 
                         activity and the evaluation of spatial agreement between Terra and 
                         Aqua satellites data.",
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