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             abstract = "In the last decades, the town of S{\~a}o Jos{\'e} dos Campos has 
                         presented rapid urban growth, fact which propitiated the 
                         occupation of risk areas vulnerable to natural disasters. Aiming 
                         to direct the urban sprawl to areas proper to housing, this study 
                         has mapped areas environmentally restrict to urban occupation, 
                         employing for that geoprocessing techniques. Thus, it has used the 
                         federal law 4.771, known as the Forest Code of 1965, and the law 
                         6.766/79, which refers to the subdivision of urban land. 
                         Therefore, the permanent protection areas (APPs), environmental 
                         protection areas (APAs), floodplain conservation zones and areas 
                         presenting more than 30% slope were considered unfit for 
                         occupation. The methodology chosen involved the usage of the free 
                         software SPRING as well as TerraView, to the extent that they 
                         require no purchase and, therefore, are exempt of government 
                         bidding, which streamlines bureaucratic processes. As a result, a 
                         map of the areas suitable for urban expansion was produced and can 
                         be used as to assist decision makers in policy choices and also 
                         can be valuable material to support the update of the current 
                         Master Plan. In sum, it was identified that the town of S{\~a}o 
                         Jos{\'e} dos Campos presents potential for urban growth 
                         especially in the east, northeast, south and southeast directions 
                         without prejudice to environmentally fragile areas. Finally, the 
                         work has proven to be easily elaborated and, therefore, replicable 
                         to any municipality that seeks to integrate environmental 
                         management to urban planning.",
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