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             abstract = "The elaboration of land use and land cover thematic maps, based on 
                         satellite remote sensing data, for the monitoring of natural 
                         resources, has been quite common in Brazilian governmental 
                         institutions related to the environment, agriculture, geography 
                         and statistics areas. Most of the time these mappings are 
                         performed on a large territorial scale, covering entire biomes or 
                         several aggregate states, which makes difficult to carry out field 
                         work to assess the accuracy of the mapping done. Specific 
                         applications that use the Web-GIS concept have been developed and 
                         successfully employed for validation tasks, aiming to associate an 
                         accuracy value with the mapping information. This paper 
                         demonstrates the development and practical implementation of an 
                         application to validate land use mapping data in the Brazilian 
                         Cerrado (TerraClass Cerrado), which can be easily adapted to other 
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