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             abstract = "The importance of forest management in the world to be practiced 
                         in a way that is politically correct, ecologically adequated, 
                         sustainable and fair has been the focus ofnumerous institutions 
                         and organizations that seek to put into practice a common 
                         standardthat allows decision-making when conservating its forests. 
                         The initiatives of forest monitoring along with the concepts and 
                         techniques of remote sensing have been an activeway of 
                         quantification and location of deforestation areas as it grants 
                         information that contributes to policy determinations and control 
                         and command actions to identify theimpacts caused. In this sense, 
                         the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in partnership 
                         with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Amazon 
                         Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and the Food and 
                         Agriculture Organization of theUnited Nations (FAO) through the 
                         CAPACITREE trainingproject, since 2010, hasbeentraining 
                         technicians from countries of (America, Africa, Europe, Asia and 
                         Oceania, in forest monitoring technologies to the performance and 
                         dissemination of knowledge based on INPE experience with its 
                         forest monitoring projects using TerraAmazon system. The purpose 
                         of this paper is to present the results achieved in the training 
                         of technical professionals from countries of the continents 
                         mentioned in the period (2010-2016) which was held with the 
                         expectations of the proposed objectives, the technicians 
                         werecompetent to absorb the transferred knowledge that have been 
                         proposed, usingmethodologies or adjusting it to the forest 
                         monitoring in their respective countries.",
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