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             abstract = "Because of diversification of the production systems in 
                         Paragominas municipality (Par{\'a} State, Brazil), the grain 
                         production and the agroindustry sector is expanding. This paper 
                         aims to analyze the spatiotemporal dynamics of areas associated 
                         with Annual Crop class in the municipality of Paragominas. We 
                         considered, in the analyses the Land Use and Land Cover mapping 
                         data of the TerraClass Project for the years 2004, 2008, 2010, 
                         2012 and 2014. The results indicate that areas of the Annual Crop 
                         in the study area, have been growing over the years and 
                         concentrate mainly near the municipality´s main roads. It was 
                         verified that a significant portion of these areas remained stable 
                         for consecutive periods considered. The new cropped areas come 
                         mainly from, the previously classified as Clean Pasture class, 
                         although there is also a significant conversion rates presented by 
                         Not Observed Area and Secondary Vegetation classes.",
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