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             abstract = "In this paper, the technique of Wavelet Coherence was used to 
                         identify patterns in time series of NDVI/MODIS for different 
                         grassland typologies and the relationship with meteorological 
                         variables, such as rainfall and air temperature. The life cycle of 
                         plant species is sensitive to variations in weather conditions 
                         and, for a climate change scenario, is important for studying the 
                         variability of climate factors in local, regional and global 
                         scales. The study covered 10 grassland typologies in Rio Grande do 
                         Sul (RS) state, Southern Brazil and a NDVI/MODIS time series with 
                         a spatial resolution of 250 m, from 2000 to 2014. The Wavelet 
                         Coherence was applied in the NDVI/MODIS data and rainfall and air 
                         temperature to check for consistency. Two well-marked cycles were 
                         seen: an annual cycle, ranging between 1 and 23 observations and 
                         an interannual cycle that varies between 92 and 184 observations. 
                         These cycles were defined and represented by the y axis in the 
                         power spectrum and were distributed throughout the series 
                         (2000-2014) on the x-axis. In the humid subtropical climate 
                         conditions prevalent in the RS, the application of Wavelet 
                         Coherence was effective in showing where and when changes in the 
                         phenological pattern of grassland vegetation occurred, as well as 
                         to point out the intensity (correlation) between NDVI data and 
                         variability of weather conditions. In the annual cycle the 
                         association between the NDVI and air temperature (high frequency) 
                         was dominant. For the interannual cycles, events such as El Niņo 
                         and La Niņa, which impact strongly the precipitation in RS, caused 
                         the high correlation observed between NDVI data and rainfall.",
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