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             abstract = "In the context of climate change, knowledge and studies on 
                         precipitation in the Amazon Basin (AB) are determinant for 
                         environmental aspects such as hydrology, ecology, as well as for 
                         social aspects like agriculture, food security, or health issues. 
                         Rainfall data availability with a wide geographical coverage and a 
                         good resolution is thus crucial for these purposes. Remote sensing 
                         techniques can provide an alternative to ground-based rainfall 
                         data but it is imperative to assess the quality of these estimated 
                         data. Hence, this paper aims to describe the reliability of the 
                         Topical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) 3B42 Version 7 (V7) 
                         Real Time (RT) at daily scale over the Amazon Basin (AB). The 
                         study covers the period of March 2000 to July 2013. TRMM estimates 
                         were compared with observations from 205 quality-controlled rain 
                         gauges stations. First, the spatial distribution of mean daily 
                         rainfall across the whole AB was validated using quantitative 
                         (Bias, Relative RMSE) and categorical statistics (POD, FAR). 
                         Estimations are more accurate in the lowlands than in the 
                         highlands. Furthermore a contrast of quality in estimates within 
                         the Andean regions can be noted. Second, TRMM 3B42 V7 RT succeeds 
                         in replicating regional rainfall regimes across the AB. The Andean 
                         regions show the worse results. However neither relevant 
                         relationships nor correlations appear with the altitude. However, 
                         the location of a rain gauge and its exposure seem to be relevant 
                         explanations of overestimations by TRMM 3B42 V7 RT in these 
                         mountainous regions.",
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