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             abstract = "Our objective in this work was to estimate, using geoprocessing 
                         techniques, the amount of permanent preservation areas (APPs) at 
                         the rural areas of the cities that are part of the Central 
                         Administrative Region of the State of S{\~a}o Paulo in the year 
                         2016, to verify its adequacy to the New Brazilian Forest Code and 
                         to estimate, by means of land use and cover classification, the 
                         environmental liabilities for legal reserve (RL) areas in the 
                         region''s cities. We additionally detected sugarcane crops in 
                         terrains with slope degrees higher than 12% and which will no 
                         longer be used for crops, in accordance with law decree 47.700/SP, 
                         and may therefore indicate areas which are viable for use as RLs, 
                         thus helping reduce the region''s environmental liabilities. Our 
                         results show that the region contains 30.492,6 ha of environmental 
                         liabilities in APP areas and 27,493.6 ha in RL areas. Current 
                         sugarcane areas with potential to become RLs comprise 35,630.6 ha. 
                         The APP and RL areas are unevenly distributed across the region. 
                         Some cities showed no environmental liabilities, whereas others 
                         could reconcile or reduce theirs by 14.5% to 79.5% by using the 
                         areas that will no longer be used for sugarcane crops.",
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