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             abstract = "For the protection of Amazon forest remnants, it is fundamental to 
                         know how the processes of forest exploitation occur. In this 
                         sense, it is necessary to formulate methodologies that aim at the 
                         optimization and accuracy of the mappings related to the selective 
                         cutting of forest individuals for commercial purposes. Thus, this 
                         work presents the results obtained through the application of the 
                         mapping methodology developed in DETEX project, allied to 
                         geotechnology and geostatistical methods, aiming at the 
                         identification of forest exploitation patterns related to wood 
                         selective cutting in COOMFLONA of 2013, 2014 and 2015. According 
                         to the results, logging began in 2013 with the installation of 
                         storage and infrastructure yards in the north of the area, 
                         demonstrating that the applied technique was effective in mapping 
                         the areas exploration dynamics. Subsequently, the infrastructure 
                         was installed towards the south of the area, followed by 
                         exploration. Finally, in 2015 one can see that the exploration 
                         activities were concentrated in the south of the area. During the 
                         analyzed period, results related to the spatial autocorrelation 
                         values of the Moran Local Index, as well as the surface map of 
                         forest exploitation density by interpolation by the Kernel method, 
                         showed an intense dynamics related to the implantation of storage 
                         yards and road infrastructure of forest exploitation.",
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