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             abstract = "Deforestation in Amazon Region is an historic event that despite 
                         of all public policies and measures aiming its mitigation, still 
                         threatens forest areas in Legal Amazon, such as the Biological 
                         Reserve of Gurupi (REBIO of Gurupi), in the state of 
                         Maranh{\~a}o, which is an area of high ecological interest, 
                         besides of being the only Full Protection Conservation Unit. Even 
                         though it is a very environmentally significant area, this 
                         Conservation Unit has been suffering intense deforestation, 
                         logging exploitation and burning throughout the last years. These 
                         events are monitored by the National Institute for Space Research 
                         (INPE), by the DETER-B Project, which provide maps deforestation 
                         alerts, different degradation levels and logging exploitation in 
                         the Legal Amazon, using images from Advanced Wide Field Sensor 
                         (Resourcesat-II - AWiFS) and Wide Field Imager (CBERS 4 - WFI). 
                         The data produced by this project were analyzed in the REBIO of 
                         Gurupis area from 2012 to 2015, summing up 29 kmē of total or 
                         partial removal of forest cover inside the REBIO. The 
                         deforestation was formed by small polygons, situated in the south 
                         part of the area, close to the rural owners settlements. The 
                         degradation and selective logging were more evident in the north 
                         part of the REBIO, where the logging companies are located. 
                         Therefore, it is extremely important to keep monitoring this area, 
                         in order to guarantee the protection of its natural resources and 
                         make sure the Conservation Unit will keep fulfilling its main 
                         role, which is preserve natural areas.",
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