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             abstract = "Brazil's specialty coffees are gaining prominence in the 
                         international scene. Coffee is the main export product of Minas 
                         Gerais agribusiness and is sold to more than 60 countries in the 
                         world. Therefore, many farmers are interested in Geographical 
                         Indication process. Thereat, mapping and characterization coffee 
                         plantations is fundamental for innumerable actions of planning and 
                         management the geographic space. The objective of this study was 
                         to characterize coffee environments in the Capara{\'o} region of 
                         Minas Gerais, using geotechnologies to map and characterize areas 
                         occupied by coffee plantations. The study area is located in 
                         mountainous region of Minas Gerais, bordering Esp{\'{\i}}rito 
                         Santo. For the mapping of the coffee plantations was realized by 
                         visual interpretation in the Google Earth software, with images 
                         from the period from 2014 to 2016. The digital elevation model was 
                         obtained through ASTER images. Images were processed in ArcGIS 
                         software allowing generation of altitude and slope maps. Coffee 
                         plantation in this region is very expressive and occupies, in 
                         34.24% of the total area. Approximately 50% of the coffee 
                         plantations are located above 900 meters. 18.06% of coffee 
                         plantations are in corrugated relief and 57.79% in strong 
                         corrugated relief. The study provided information that will serve 
                         as subsidies for the process of Geographical Indication of coffee 
                         plantations of Capara{\'o} region.",
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