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             abstract = "The fires are presented with a major problem of irrational use of 
                         natural resources, thus contributing to global warming and cause 
                         various economic, social and environmental problems. Therefore, 
                         the aim of this study was to analyze the spatial distribution of 
                         outbreaks of fires in Para State, relating to environmental 
                         variables and the air pollutants resulting from burning in the 
                         year 2015. For this research were used data from INPE, IBGE, 
                         PRODES, SISAM, INMET and other secondary sources. The processing, 
                         analysis and interpretation of data were performed using the 
                         spatial distribution and use of IDW tools and Zonal Statistics as 
                         Table in ArcGIS software provided by the IEC (Evandro Chagas 
                         Institute) and CRA-INPE (Amazon Regional Center). From the 
                         analysis of fire outbreaks, there was strong relationship between 
                         the outbreaks and environmental variables such as rainfall and 
                         temperature, because there is a decrease of outbreaks over higher 
                         rainfall, and a sharp increase in less rainy season. Environmental 
                         pollutants also had relation with the focus of fire, carbon 
                         monoxide rates show a decrease in periods with higher 
                         precipitation, and increased less rainy periods, as well as 
                         particulate matter that had some relationship with the outbreaks. 
                         In this way, there is the importance and efficacy of the use of 
                         geotechnologies like the spatial distribution and the use of other 
                         methodologies in environmental problems.",
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