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             abstract = "Assuming that physico-chemical attributes affect the spectral 
                         curve of sediments, the objective of this work is to study the 
                         relationships of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and 
                         granulometry with the laboratory spectral reflectance (350 to 2500 
                         nm) of Brazilian semiarid sediments from the bottom of reservoirs. 
                         The study was carried out in the reservoirs Pereira de Miranda and 
                         General Sampaio, belonging to the watershed of the Curu river, in 
                         the state of Cear{\'a}. The results showed that sand and silt 
                         produced positive and negative correlation with reflectance, 
                         respectively. The best correlation for them was obtained in the 
                         band positioned at 662 nm. The clay had negative correlation with 
                         reflectance, especially at 2290 nm. The mostly correlated chemical 
                         attribute with reflectance was organic matter with negative 
                         coefficients from 567 to 761 nm, and a correlation peak at 662 nm. 
                         For phosphorus, the correlations were positive and from 0.37 to 
                         0.63 with a maximum value at 511 nm. On the other hand, nitrogen 
                         behaved differently, with much lower correlation coefficients 
                         (0.19 to -0.17). We concluded that the spectral reflectance of 
                         sediments from the bottom of reservoirs can be used to estimate 
                         their physical and chemical attributes, confirming that the 
                         reflectance spectroscopy is a valuable tool for this purpose.",
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