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             abstract = "The proposal of this work is the classification of medium and 
                         large rivers, followed by the delimitation of the Permanent 
                         Protection Areas (APP) in each margin of the river, finishing with 
                         the classification and evaluation of the land use in these APPs. 
                         The object of analysis is an area of the city of S{\~a}o 
                         Jos{\'e} dos Campos located in the Para{\'{\i}}ba do Sul river 
                         basin characterized as having great influence on the water supply 
                         and economy of the states through which it travels. The study area 
                         was chosen in partnership with the Chico Mendes Institute (ICMBio) 
                         and attending research interests of INPE. The delimitation of the 
                         river it was accomplished through automatic classification of 
                         images from the RapidEye satellite provided by the Ministry of the 
                         Environment (MMA), based on the Matiz component of the 
                         transformation of the RGB color space to HIS. The macr{\'o}fitas 
                         areas were incorporated into the river by manual editing. The 
                         APPs, in agreement with new forest code, were drawn considering 
                         the river automatically with and without the macr{\'o}fitas. The 
                         result of the comparison of areas between the two representations 
                         showed the importance of the macr{\'o}fitas to be considered for 
                         the final calculation of the APPs, because the area within the 
                         river increased 31.4% and APPs 17.9%.",
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