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             abstract = "Global warming is responsible for changes in climate and varied 
                         environmental impacts occurring in world. Although the variation 
                         of the earth''s temperature has occurred naturally, numerous 
                         scientists have attributed the unusual rise in temperature of the 
                         planet to human activities. Nowadays, it is noticeable the 
                         importance of research involving climate study in the pursuit of 
                         building new knowledge to support the implementation of public 
                         policies to minimize the influence of global warming on the 
                         socio-economic field globally, nationally and local. In this 
                         context, this study aimed to analyze the variation of the 
                         temperature of the air in the state of Minas Gerais from thematic 
                         maps produced using the digital elevation model (SRTM) and 
                         temperature values measured by weather stations of the Instituto 
                         Nacional de Meteorologia (INMET), available in Banco de Dados 
                         Metorol{\'o}gicos para Ensino e Pesquisa (BDMEP). The historical 
                         series comprised the period from 1975 to 2014. The temperature 
                         values, in degrees Celsius (C), were processed using statistical 
                         model of multiple linear regression and data interpolation 
                         technique. Products generated showed great spatial variability and 
                         climate of the time in the state and indicated average values of 
                         increase of 0.55 C for the minimum average temperature and 1.34 
                         C for maximum average temperature in the 40 year period.",
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