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             abstract = "This study aims to evaluate three different time series smoothing 
                         methods, combined or not with filtering techniques, and their 
                         impact on the agricultural land use classification, in a region of 
                         the Brazilian Cerrado, using phenological parameters extracted 
                         from Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) Landsat-8 image time series. 
                         We extracted the time series from pixels located on well know 
                         polygons delimited on agricultural lands and monitored on a field 
                         campaign during August 2015 and August 2016. For the 
                         classification we considered the following classes: Annual 
                         Agriculture, Natural Forest, Perennial Agriculture, Semi-Perennial 
                         Agriculture and Grassland. The three smoothing algorithms were 
                         implemented through the TIMESAT software package including the: 
                         Savitzky-Golay (SG), asymmetric Gaussian function (AG) and 
                         double-logistic function (DL), and then the phenological 
                         attributes were extracted. For each method the phenological 
                         attributes were subjected to data mining using the Random Forest 
                         (RF) algorithm. The results were evaluated by the confusion matrix 
                         analysis, including global accuracy, producerīs accuracy and 
                         kappa. The intra-class variability was measured by calculating the 
                         mean standard deviation for samples within the different classes. 
                         The best classification accuracy with the different smoothing 
                         methods was the SG applied to the raw time series, with a global 
                         accuracy of 86% and kappa of 0.82.",
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