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             abstract = "Parauapebas is a municipality in Southern Par{\'a} where there 
                         are much burning,especially related to favourable meteorological 
                         conditions, availability of vegetationfuel and existence of an 
                         ignition source. This paper aims to present the 
                         spatialdistribution of the burnings around highways in 
                         Parauapebas, using tools of spatialanalysis of software ArcGis 
                         10.1, Qgis 2.6 and data generated through the ProArcoProject in 
                         the 2005/2015 period. The results of study highlighted that 
                         highways withmore frequency of burnings between 2005 and 2015 
                         were: PA-160, PA-275 and BR-158, mainly in the first 500 meters 
                         along these highways, because there are higherdynamics agriculture 
                         production than elsewhere in municipality. Moreover, 2005 wasthe 
                         year with higher frequency of burnings than another year, 
                         respectively 20.8% of all.These results show that the 
                         geotechnologies are essential techiniques to determine,validate 
                         and understand the spatial distribution of burnings, aiding 
                         significatively theimplementation of burn prevention strategies by 
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