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             abstract = "This work presents the comparison of three mapping methods for 
                         burned areas, among which two are based on spectral index 
                         compositions such as NDVI and NBR and one in the use of the shadow 
                         fraction of the Linear Spectral Mixture Model. Aiming to develop 
                         or adapt a semiautomatic method of mapping and monitoring burned 
                         areas scars for the Amazon, it was adopted the surrounding 
                         rectangle of 71 km x 87 km around the Mar{\~a}iwats{\'e}d{\'e} 
                         Indigenous Land, included in the path/row Landsat 224/068, located 
                         in the northeastern portion of the state of Mato Grosso. In the 
                         application of each method were analyzed the OLI orbital images of 
                         medium spatial resolution (30 m) of the Landsat 8 satellite from 
                         two distinct dates (Pre-fire - Time 1 and Post-fire - Time 2). The 
                         comparison between the methods and the reference interpretation 
                         made possible to generate class maps and contingency tables. The 
                         three methods presented reliable results, but the errors and 
                         execution time analysis pointed to the Melchiori method, which 
                         produced good results both in the percentage of omission and 
                         commission errors (inclusion) and in the execution time for the 
                         tested area. It could be tested for new areas and/or images from 
                         other sensors and satellites.",
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