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             abstract = "In the Amazon, the suitable of natural forests is recurring theme 
                         in the last years on the world, considering if the same has a huge 
                         potential of contribution in products and services. In this 
                         context, the reduced impact logging is fundamental in the 
                         biodiversity conservation and their forest feedstock sustainable 
                         use. Thus, to evaluate a mapping the reduced impact logging in the 
                         National forest of Tapaj{\'o}s, Para State, a quantity of 
                         informations and Landsat8 - OLI series merged to orbit-points 
                         227/062 was used to apply in the DETEX methodology (Selective 
                         logging Detection), to detect forest exploitation. The results 
                         showed significant relationships at use of coherence matrixes of 
                         gray levels based on texture characteristics related with remained 
                         basal area in fields regarded as reduced impact logging, notably 
                         to contrast, entropy, homogeneity and angular second moment 
                         texture variables, for the majority of them after the forest 
                         exploitation in the area. In addition, the longest filters windows 
                         size obtained significant statistical results, aligned with 
                         specialized literature about the theme. In this way, is 
                         recommended the use of methodology in areas with higher 
                         exploitation intensity than used in this study, in order to 
                         stablish comparisons and identify levels of intensity in forest 
                         exploitation distinct.",
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