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             abstract = "Urbanization is a key issue when studying scenarios for 
                         sustainable development for the Amazonian region. This paper 
                         presents the potential of high-resolution imagery, RapidEye and 
                         CBERS 4, and fieldwork data to analyze the urban sprawl of three 
                         cities - Itaituba, Moju{\'{\i}} dos Campos and Alter do 
                         Ch{\~a}o - in southwestern Par{\'a} from 2011 to 2015. PAN 
                         CBERS4 multispectral and panchromatic images were combined using 
                         Principal Component Spectral Sharpening method. RapidEye images 
                         were used to map the urban occupation in 2011 by visual 
                         interpretation. Urban sprawl was identified from the 
                         interpretation of the CBERS 4 images of 2015. Ancillary data and 
                         fieldwork information complemented and characterized theses areas 
                         of the horizontal expansion of cities associated the urbanized 
                         allotments, housing estates, condominiums and informal spontaneous 
                         occupation. The results show that the horizontal expansion of 
                         these three cities has a tendency for area fragmentation within 
                         the urban occupation areas, as observed by the empty spaces 
                         interspersed among expansion areas. Economic factors, expectation 
                         of the implementation of large enterprises, the price of land, and 
                         the definition of the legal tenure of urban land may be linked to 
                         the recent expansion of these cities. The analysis of the urban 
                         space production, based on multi-temporal remote sensing high 
                         resolution data, provides information that can support a broader 
                         discussion about development models and urbanization planning for 
                         the Amazon.",
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